Understanding Prayer Book

The Prayer How-To Manual

Learn the Real Secret of Prayer

There’s a secret that many have tried to understand but failed to accomplish. We pray day after day
after day with little or no positive results, causing us to lose faith. Some people believe that there’s a secret method that must be followed to get your prayers answered and receive the things you want in life, but their success is limited, if it comes at all; while others believe that they’re not worthy to have their prayers answered.

Few people know the True secret, and when they tell us we often misunderstand them.
Understanding Prayer explains, in easy to grasp language, the mysteries behind many causes of prayer failure. True success in your prayers is not measured by how often you pray, how long you pray, or even how badly you want something and how hard you for pray it.

True success in your prayer life is measured by results!
A little time to read and pray is all it takes to quickly put these sound, true, simple principles to work for you and your family. Gain the understanding of prayer and of how to receive the blessings of financial and mental wealth that can benefit you and keep you free from strife and trouble for years to come!
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